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Rhinoplasty – Show Your True Beauty with a Simple Nose Job

Growing up I had a friend named Sheila who was beautiful, but she always despised her nose. I admit, it wasn’t perfect, but people would tease her when we were kids and as we got older, it truly was the bane of her existence. She pleaded with her parents for years to have rhinoplasty done in Chicago but they never allowed it. They thought Sheila was naturally beautiful. Since we’re grown up now, Sheila was able to get her perfect nose and it looks incredible!

My sister was thinking about getting rhinoplasty, so I asked Sheila all about her experience. She looked online and found a highly recommended surgeon and also discussed it with a lot of other people. Once she found a surgeon she loved, she had a consultation!

During the appointment she showed the surgeon what her dream nose looked like and he stated that it just would not work for her face. They discussed Sheila’s expectations of the surgery, and he showed her other options for nose shapes, explaining why they’d be a better fit.

Sheila had her rhinoplasty surgery on a Monday morning, and she had to stay in bed for a couple of days. She had to rest in order to avoid a swollen nose, but she felt fine. Her nose didn’t hurt as bad as she expected and she said the surgery was so easy.

For a few weeks she had to stay away from some activities like swimming but she returned to normal activity very soon. When we are outdoors she needs to be very careful and put sun block on, because apparently if it gets too much sun her nose will become discolored. 

When her nose healed fully, the bandages came off and she was ecstatic about the results. The bump that had plagued her nose for her entire life had vanished. I saw Sheila blossom with renewed confidence and she finally could see herself for who she truly was; a true beauty! Rhinoplasty changed my friend’s life and I’m so happy for her! 

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